Who We Are

Sakura Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd is a producer of high carbon ferro-manganese, supplying the international market.


We recognize the diversity of communities and the importance of building strong relationships with those around us. Through active participation, we will provide tangible benefits and positive outcomes to these communities. At Sakura, we will embrace new ideas, technology and innovation and take a leadership role in setting industry standards. We will strive for continuous improvement, setting new benchmarks to establish and maintain a strong reputation as an industry leader.


Sakura is an innovative and committed company that will, through excellence, create high quality products to become a company of choice, resulting in wealth and success for our stakeholders, whilst maintaining a high level of safety. Sakura will strive for excellence in all aspects of what we do. We will act with honesty, integrity, respect the values of others, accept responsibility and be accountable for our actions.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart



01 May 2016

Sakura First Operation; Furnace 1


15 March 2017

Opening Launching


25 February 2020

One Million Man Hours Without Lost Time Injury


17 December 2020

ISO 9001:2015 ISO14001:2015 ISO45001:2018 Accreditation


In Progress; TBA

New Water Treatment Plant


In Progress; TBA

New Sinter Plant


Sakura Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between mining house, Assmang Limited (South Africa), trading giant, Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) and manufacturer, China Steel Corporation (Taiwan).

IMS Accreditation

List of Certificates of Registration awarded to Sakura Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd

Certificate of Registration ISO 14001:2015
Certificate of Registration ISO 45001:2018
Certificate of Registration ISO 9001:2015